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After a great deal of thought we have decided to discontinue our Friday Socials. Initally, when we started two years ago or more there was a lot of support but over the last year we have seen much smaller attendences, and as running a good social is a significant undertaking we have reluctently decided that it is not worth the investment in time and money.  We have tried looking at alternative venues and gathering feed back as to why people dont come. Over 150 perople come to our own classes each week, and obviously in the local area there are around 200 300 dancers attending classes each week, so it seems odd that it is it is a struggle to get 30 to come to a social once a month. For example -  although there appears to be no single reason, It’s obvious we are not providing what the majority of peaople want at a social.

There appear to be many reasons, people dont want to travel, they are busy, many say that a social is not why they dance, they just do a class once a week, for something to do, but are not interested in the scene. Many people cannot remember the dances and therefore are not confident to dance without instruction. For the more committed dancer ther is a wider choice of places to go nowadays, including far more weekend events at reasonable prices.  

There are some more suttle factors affecting the Linedance scene, such as the number of different dances being taught and the wide range of music styles and levels of dance. This means that whereas, in the past, there were a great many dances that were floor fillers and everyone would be up dancing , now the scene is much more fragmented and it is less likely the floor is full for more than a handfull of dances. We notice this from the request lists coming in, very few dances are requested by the majority, everyone now has their favourites and will be sitting waiting for these to come on. If you run aan all level, all genres social thengone are the days wehere everyone in the room knows and likes most of the dances. It seems nowadays that the different factiosn are less tolerant and interested in each others world ( simplistically this is country vs pop, Beg/Imp vs intermediate, mainstream vs Newline) but it is more subtle than that and is now heavily influenced by the number and complexity of the dances.